I care about the opinions of athletes during these times. I recently listened to Muhammed Ali talk about the psychological impact of racism during his time. How many young Black people had to fight psychological warfare just because they were dark-skinned?

Systematic racism has oppressed not just Black communities but also Black minds. Shoutout to guys like @malcolmjenkins27 who use their platform to speak out and fight, and #muhammadali for the game on this video. “I’ve always wondered why Miss America has always been white, with all the beautiful Black women in America. Beautiful suntans, sculptural bodies … So much diversity and they always choose white. And Miss World is always white and Miss Universe is always white.
Then there are things like the White House cigars, the white swan soup, the White King soap, white cloud paper, white ring fish, Tony the White floor wax … Everything is white! The angel hair cake is white … but the devil cake is chocolate.
I said: “Mom, why is everything white?”. I always wondered. Even the President lives in the White House. And Maria had a snow white little lamb, and Snow White … Everything was white. Santa Claus is white.
And everything bad is black. The ugly duckling was black, the black cat brings bad luck, and if I threaten you, it is a ‘blackmail’ (blackmail). I said, ‘Mom, why don’t you call it  ‘whitemail’? They lie too! I was always very curious, and that’s how I knew something was wrong.”

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