This is the first time my life that non-Black people seem to be as outraged by what’s happening to us as we are. Not until majority fight with us will things change. @hasanminhaj has one of the best responses and views on this situation from the outside in. I appreciate him for using his platform to support #BLM and our fight against racism.

He said: “Imagine if you lived in a country where the colour of your skin got you killed for driving, jogging, sleeping, yelling, parking, babysitting, sitting in a van, selling CDs, selling cigarettes, opening the door, walking at night, wearing a hoodie at night, holding a toy gun, lying on the ground, being homeless, being in a dark stairwell, holding a cell phone, having a broken tail light, exercising horses, having a bottle of pills, shopping at Walmart, holding a BB gun at Walmart, holding a phone in your own backyard, eating ice cream in your own house, and shopping,” said Minhaj, showing photos of the many Black people killed by police. “You would say, ‘That is a lawless country — who the f**k is running the show?’”
“That is America. A Black man was murdered in cold blood, and we were on the f**king sidelines watching,” Minhaj said. “I’m not saying we were the ones who killed George Floyd. But we have to be the ones who pull that cop off his neck!”
Minhaj also called out non-Black people who engage in anti-Black racism.
“We think we’re not a part of the story but we’re at the scene of the crime! That’s why the full picture matters. This doesn’t happen in a vacuum — it happens in a system,” he said. “We have to donate our money and time to Black organizations. We have got to get our civics law school nerd s**t on right now.”

Everyone can do their part!

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