I was arrested when I was 12 years old while arguing with a kid on the playground of Ryder Elementary School on 87th and Wallace in Chicago. The cops pulled up, put me in cuffs with my bookbag and put me in a cell on 119th and Bishop Ford by Pullman Bank with adults. It was a Friday, so I stayed the entire weekend until my court date Monday morning. I had no home phone, so I couldn’t call my mom. The Judge threw it out and acknowledged I shouldn’t have been in there at 12. The cops lied and said I was of age. To this day, that arrest still comes up on my fingerprints because they lied about my age. I was 12. I was arguing with another 8th grader.

Police brutality tears communities apart, they kill, they are quick to arrest, lie on documents, falsely accuse and put records on kids before they even have a chance at life.
Going back into the prisons to teach entrepreneurship to those who haven’t made it out yet is personal to me.  I feel more connected to them than I do people on the outside sometimes. How many Black lives from the Chatham area of Chicago alone were locked away under false pretenses, or couldn’t make bail for nonviolent offenses? How many people got the record and couldn’t get a job afterwards? We can all lend our support against police brutality by:
1) Voting for people who will change laws and policies
2) Supporting/mentoring kids like myself who were arresting and helping them achieve afterwards. Or going into the prisons like my bro @caronbutlerand others.
3) Marching, calling, boycotting and protesting to get the attention of policy makers so our voices are heard.

Let’s not forget about those inside.

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