It’s okay to check up on each other and ask how we can help during these tough times. My partners at & non-Black friends have been checking on me. At the end of this email I’ll outline ways non-Black people can help our community. ⠀⠀

Prisons are one way the system oppresses minorities emotionally, financially and mentally. Defunding prisons and police departments is a top priority right now. Rebuild them like other countries have built them. Most police calls are fire, mental and physical health emergencies. 40+% are in jail for nonviolent crimes. A huge percentage of those arrested can’t pay for $500 or less bail and wind up sitting in jail. Others are targeted (like me). They replaced mental health services with jail.
Each arrest destroys a future, family and possibly community. The last pic in this posts is of a black man who is in prison and stood up and pitched his business idea for me to invest in. I was shocked, this was prison after all. I try not to ask people’s backgrounds in prisons but I couldn’t resist. He said he went to Duke, and was in the military! This guy was very articulate. I still don’t know what he’s in for, and it doesn’t matter. Black, Duke, conservative, liberal, in jail just like black high school dropout who never voted. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
People were surprised at how comfortable, honest and real I was with them. They also said they RARELY see any black men come in to help. I get it, none of us want to voluntarily go into prison but if you can it’s worth it. Reply below if you wanna join next time we go in 🙏🏾
1) Understand the issues. Black Lives Matter and leaders like Shaun King are very clear on both issues and solutions.
2) Don’t remain silent anymore. Say something! On social, at work, to your black colleagues or young folks that work for you who are traumatized but have to pretend things are okay at work.
3) Donate a few bucks to these campaigns
4) Vote for people who support BLM
5) Get out there and protest with us

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