I’ve had a lot of conversation during “The Rona” with athletes who are planning their next phases in life, and I want to share a few athletes who I think transitioned well.  In my opinion, @realgranthill is as respected as a businessman today as he is an NBA legend. In 2015, he became a co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks when his group bought the team for $850M. However, he was a private equity investor even before that.

Grant started a private equity mezzanine fund, Penta Capital, investing in well-capitalized, highly profitable businesses that service Fortune 1000 clients and government agencies.
Prior to founding Penta Mezzanine Fund, Grant was the Founder of Hill Ventures, Inc., an Orlando-based marketing company. He has invested more than $150 million in major commercial real estate transactions. Mr. Hill has also been the principal spokesperson for numerous iconic brands and products including McDonald’s, Sprite, GMC Trucks, Northwest Airlines, Tag Heuer and Kellogg’s. Grant earned a B.A. in History from Duke University, where he also played collegiate basketball.

Here are three things he did well that other athletes can apply:

1. He started while still playing, using his platform, learning and networking
2. He learned the power of partnerships. He partnered with experts who were already doing it, and had as much capital and experience as him, but in different industries. Real estate he had partnerships. PE he had partnerships. Team ownership he had different partners.
3. He became the GM of his own finances instead of letting someone else run his business empire. He is playing offense out here. Putting points on the board not just living off interest. ⠀⠀⠀

Any athletes that want to learn how to enter private equity or buy teams hit me up! We offer workshops and internships for $Free.99! Are there any other retired guys that I should follow who transitioned well? I love the great stories of these legends striking gold twice. Inspiring!

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