“It’s not the big that eat the small, it’s the fast that eat the slow.”

Ooo wee! Thanks, @albertsye for reiterating this one for me. Lance Collins, the beverage GOAT, says this all the time. He started Fuze, Body Armour and Core Water, sold two, and the third is worth billions. He keeps doing it using speed, agility and creativity to build businesses that the big beverage companies keep buying. Why? Because the fast eat the slow! Don’t let your small size, capital or business slow you down. Use that as your advantage. If you are a founder, SPEED is your best friend. Build fast, raise capital fast, fire fast! On Wall Street, we wouldn’t even let the phone ring for one full ring because we knew the markets moved so fast you could miss that trade. Also this doesn’t mean don’t prepare! Do all the prep work upfront and then execute fast. I’ve had a motto for a while, “anything worth doing is worth doing today.”

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