You all asked and we answered! I have been a tech investing coach for over a decade. A lot of athletes send me real estate deals, but that is not my area of expertise. We now have one of the dopest real estate coaches in the game to help all of our athletes learn how to be better real estate investors! ⠀⠀⠀

Chad Tredway helps run all of JP Morgan’s massive real-estate banking operation in the US, managing a $25B book of credit exposure, and team of more than 100. He’s the cohead and managing director of a group that brings in more than $500 million in annual revenue, providing debt, treasury, and investment-banking services to some of biggest players in the real-estate world.
Tredway’s introduction to finance came as a child. His father worked for a bank in facilities maintenance, and consciously exposed him to the world of banking. The Loyola University at Chicago grad and former-D1 track athlete out-hustled the competition on his way to a string of precocious banking milestones. By age 27, he was running a more than $10 billion commercial term lending business for JPM in Southern California. At age 30, he headed to New York City to run the company’s Northeast CTL business, growing the portfolio by 50% in 3.5 years and building it into one of the region’s top lenders. The position made him one of the youngest-ever managing directors at JP Morgan. I’m proud to have known him for over a decade, and can attest to his knowledge and commitment to helping his community. Any athletes that want to learn about real estate hit me! My non-athletes; you know I’m cooking something up for y’all too! For more information and insight from Chad, check out my IGTV video!

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