Dahntay Jones went from Duke to the NBA and is now Managing Partner of affordable, carbon-free workplace housing real estate fund called Pearl Homes. He most recently cohosted a discussion on real estate investment with Chad Tredway attended by over 50 athletes. This is one of the smartest brothers I know, and people should know how he’s winning off the court just like he did on the court.
He sat me down over a year ago and broke down the carbon free housing projects, affordable housing and the market like he’s been doing it for 20 years! I can see he is taking the same intensity, focus, work ethic and competitive nature from the court, and applying it to a new industry. This is exactly how he will continue to win.  Other athletes can apply that same model to whatever their passions are!
Remember, you pay for retirement with the passive income from your portfolio (not the principal) AND earned income. Keep earning, transition well and invest well. Respect to all those who lead the way. GOATs like David Robinson, Jamal Mashburn, Junior Bridgeman, Magic, Shaq. Are there any other retired athlete big time real estate investors?
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