Let’s use this lockdown time to learn and strategize! After my last post, people keep asking me how they can meet investors. Here are the major keys to getting in front of investors after Covid-19!
1. Most investors prefer to get warm introductions to founders, and the chances that they respond are much higher if you get introduced. Unless, however, you are already doing $10-20M in revenue or crushing it. The truth is that is we receive countless emails from people we don’t know, and it takes time to background check people. If they come through a referral, we know someone else has done the initial layer of vetting.
2. The money you raise will likely come from an investor you already know. Early on, people are really betting on you as a founder. Later on, you can be a douche founder, but in the beginning you have to get to know every investor BEFORE you raise money. They are betting on you mostly.
3. Go to every tech conference, event, fireside chat, meetup, etc. investor walk right up to companies at these events like “Techday LA” and exchange cards on the spot.
4. LinkedIn! Literally upgrade to premium and search “venture capital” and add everyone you can. Then introduce yourself afterwards, and constantly post relevant material about your company, industry or any buzz you get. People will notice.
5. Google! Search for “Angel investors in LA” or “top 50 VC firms in LA” or “VC firms who focus on xyz industry.” Go to their websites and find a partner. Add them on LinkedIn. Apply online. Stalk them when they speak at events. Etc.
6. Join incubators and accelerators like Techstars or 500 startups. They introduce you to investors and help you pitch them. Research the ones in your area.
7. Go on a roadshow: book a hotel in SF for a week, and 3 weeks before, add everyone on LinkedIn that you met at conferences, people you were introduced to and people you stalk that you will be in town and would love to meet for 15 minute over coffee. You bring the coffee. Show them the traction and why they should invest!

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