We are spending our time in quarantine staying as productive as possible! I have been doing video calls several times per week; I just completed two this week for athletes, and do more for non-athletes next week!

Before I started coaching athletes and entertainers about tech investing, I coached prison inmates, kids and adults for over a decade. Community is very important to me. No matter how exciting I thought my classes were at View Park Middle School, Chicago public schools, colleges, churches etc., the kids all wanted to be athletes and entertainers instead of investment bankers, Venture Capitalists and Private Equity investors. I decided to start focusing on making athletes and entertainers into dope investors, because then the kids would see them and want to do the same. So far it’s working! Thanks for all the celebrities becoming founders and investors in private companies, because now the kids want to do that. The culture has changed from consumer based to ownership based.
I work with athletes for free, because my actual job is at and investing my own capital. What I do for them is the same thing they do for the next generation of athletes at their sports clinics. Helping educate guys, giving internships, entrepreneur-in-residence, vetting deals and coaching them daily. I do the same thing I do for my over 20 mentees, and hundreds of people I teach monthly via workshops, calls, masterclasses and meetings.
Giving back only makes room for more, so make sure you try to bless someone with your talent time and help your community. Anyone that’s ever been to one of my classes or calls please reply below, I would love to hear from you! Also reply below on what info y’all want me to teach!

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