“Life is the classroom, God is the teacher, You are the student and love is the homework.” Once you understand that then you realize that NOTHING  is a waste of your time. You will stop focusing solely on the issues, but rather what you learned from it. Have you done your homework lately? Eveything in life can inspire, educate, edify and progress you, even the bad. Even the things that hurt you, can teach you. Even loving people who don’t love you back isn’t a waste of time.

Even though it’s not my job, and 99% of my investors are family offices and institutional investors, I make the time to educate regular people, athletes and entertainers, take them on tours of Silicon Valley, and help them create their own VC funds. Torii Hunter, superstar centerfielder for the Minnesota Twins and LA Angels throughout the late ’90s and 2000’s spent time studying venture and meeting with VCs.

I may not post pictures often, but I’ve educated over 1000 lower-income and middle-class people on investing. I have also taken over 100 athletes and entertainers on tours of Silicon Valley, helped them learn to invest and set up VC funds, and have done all of this via my non-profit The Kemet Institute fully funded 501(c)3 by me. If you see a problem in your community you go handle it, fund it, and spend time on it yourself; grassroots, one person at a time. That’s why I do it. Each person changes their family, their community, just like The United Negro College Fund did when they paid my tuition to Morehouse College, and The Jackie Robinson Foundation did when they paid my room and board.

Pay it forward in love, your gifts and your time.

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