Athletes can add a lot of value to tech companies. Larry Fitzgerald from the Arizona Cardinals and Josh Kopelman of First Round Capital are more alike than most people realize. I think it’s important for athletes to find coaches outside of sports so they can apply the amazing work ethic, focus and competitive spirit to build their personal wealth and add value to startups.

Here are three ways athletes like Larry are adding value to an investor’s portfolio company and why they love this partnership:

1) Startups need to have myopic focus. Name a group of people in the world who are solely focused on one thing so much that they outperform 99% of everyone else who tries?

2) Competitive spirit: who knows what it’s like competing daily for clients, Capital, and market share? Knowing someone else wants your spot at every turn. Man, it would be great to have a professional advising you on moves.

3) Being a founder is lonely. Being a star athlete is lonely. You have to look composed and fight the pressures from career, money, family, and society. You are the alpha and everyone looks to you. It would be great to have someone to call on when you are in the foxhole and need support. Athletes don’t know that they bring these natural elements to startups, and are learning as they get out and meet investors.

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