If you are a founder and send monthly updates, you increase the acceleration of your business. If you are a mentee and send monthly updates to your mentors, you increase your development. I learned this when I was an analyst at Goldman Sachs in 2001. How do I update everyone who has invested stake in my success without bugging them and “picking their brain?” How do I stay in touch with people without asking them out to coffee? How do I make sure whatever I need is at the forefront of their minds on a reoccurring basis? How do I keep the fire warm so when I come back to them in 6-12 months they have been kept abreast of my development? MONTHLY UPDATES. Here are major keys to updates if you are a founder and if you are a mentee.

This is verbatim what @casper sent me when they started:
1) Opening: how great the month was, a quick summary.
2) Sales
3) Production
4) Operations/HR
5) Finance
6) Marketing/web/pr

1) Overall update, stay positive and grateful
2) Update on projects worked on and things learned
3) Challenges you are working to overcome (advise welcome)
4) Feedback from co-workers
5) What your goals for the year are
6) How anyone can help
So if you have mentors or you are a founder and you aren’t sending these you decrease the engagement in your own ecosystem which lowers conversion rates in whatever your future ask is. Happy hunting!

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