I really admire and respect WNBA players! Italee Lucas is currently playing professional basketball in Angola. Angola is one of the richest countries in Africa, and home to the largest oil producing company in sub-Saharan Africa. I think WNBA players have a huge opportunity for careers post-ball as international business women if they can network, build relationships and provide cross-border commerce between the U.S. and where they play.

Italee explained her journey from athlete to investor here: “I reached out to different big companies like Sequoia and things like that, but something about those big companies didn’t feel right either. I wanted something a little more intimate, and this is where Rashaun came into place and MVP  VC. I read up on him, and what he was doing for the culture, for athletes and entertainers. I look at him more as a coach, and a lot of times I think that works, because we are, especially athletes, prone to be a team and to be coached, so he will run plays to follow through with that. So through that process, I did come across Rashaun and everything about him and what he stood for, it just resonated with me. So I had a good feeling about it and went with him on a few deals, just been going from there.”

Now she’s a pro ball player, investor, and international business woman! Keep an eye out for her, BIG things in store!

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