Today Lyft went public, and I reflected on how I got into investing. It started from being broke, not understanding money and being tired of it being the reason why I couldn’t do things. I had no money to pay the heat bill, groceries, get a car, turn on the electricity, pay for college, or get nice things. I vowed to not only understand money, but master it. My first investor was the UNCF who paid $80k for my school. My first investment (that $80k) was in Morehouse College which to this day was my best! My next investment was starting The Kemet Institute to give my knowledge back to the community. Next, I learned how to invest by advising clients at Goldman Sachs and Wachovia. My first fund was in West Africa, more specifically in Liberia. I invested in infrastructure companies, which was a hell of a way to learn how to invest. But to this day, I have made more money there than here in the USA. I then launched Queensbridge VC, and now with my partners at MVP VC crushing it. Here are some highlights along the way! I’ll leave out the 90 startups I invested in that went bankrupt, because I don’t want to scare anyone. Ha!

Lyft (IPO)
Airbnb (IPO soon)
HotelTonight (acquired)
Pinterest (IPO soon)
Docusign (IPO)
Dropbox (IPO)
Cloudera (IPO)
Bloom Energy (IPO)
Casper (IPO soon)
Ring (acquired)
Pillpack (acquired)
PlutoTV (acquired)
General Assembly (acquired)

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