I never discuss who I work with, but collectively our investors reach and inspire over 100 million people via social media. All of them are investors in tech, launching their own VC funds, building diverse portfolios, influencing the companies they invest in and inspiring the next generation to be more financially literate. Here is what all of them have in common: they are quietly doing the work. Instead of seeking publicity from their investments, they are seeking returns. A few NBA and NFL players want to make a career in investing after they retire, and they already have incredible portfolios and are steadily building track records. They are playing every other night, training, dropping albums and filming movies but still have the time to get in data rooms, fill out investment documents and hop on diligence calls. I have nothing but respect for them. Some of them are even getting their MBAs while still playing. Imagine how hard it is to play a sport, get an MBA and build a private equity portfolio at the same time! This will continue to grow and inspire the next generation of athletes, entertainers, and kids.  I am happy to be a part of it.

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