Offset recently said on the Breakfast Club that he read about Nas and Juicy J investing and it inspired him to invest. This is huge. When all the headlines are people losing money while investing, others don’t want to invest. Now you can see people making money investing in venture and private equity, and it makes other want to learn how to invest and build long-term passive income. If anyone in hip-hop or sports aren’t investing by now, please reach out to them and show them the way! It will help them personally, it will help founders who need angel investors before Silicon Valley, and also help future generations who will get that knowledge and wealth passed down to them. I can name at least 50 athletes and entertainers I work with who invest, are sophisticated and have amazing portfolios. Imagine if we have 1000 out there?! What would happen then? I keep a list, but who else is an active celebrity investor I may have missed?

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