Culture – Community – Capital. Those are the three tenants of my mission. Have you guys seen what 21 Savage is doing in financial literacy?! What if leaders of the culture made it cool to save money, invest, start businesses and become financially literate? It’s possible! 21 Savage is actually doing it. A lot of guys are focused on “hustling” and “becoming rich” but what about the average person? Financial literacy helps everyone. To see a culture icon (who’s album is straight ) promote this, put money in it, launch programs in it, makes me very happy! Culture will move this thing forward. It will help the community, and capital will follow. How does this impact the average founder? You can raise money from FFF (family, friends and fools) like other cultures do, so you can have enough traction to actually pitch to VC firms. Who else is using culture to drive financial literacy out here that I’m missing? #kemetinstitute

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