What return are you giving God on his investment in you? This may sound odd from a person who has worked with money for the past 19 years, but money isn’t stopping you; what you lack is a plan!

If God said, “I’m prepared to give you $400k more if you can justify why you need it” what would you say? You probably do not have a reason to receive more money. Matthew 6:33 states, “If you want more then seek ye first the kingdom of heaven!” But let’s think about it…what is it about your life that would warrant God making a GREATER investment in you? You probably have thousands running through your hands already, but what do you have to show for it?

If you think Warren Buffet is a good investor, just know that he is nothing compared to God. He has already invested in you, so how can you put yourself in a position to receive a greater investment? The answer is to find clarity about what you love. Warren Buffet wants stable management in a strong industry with a return. What do you think God wants? Does God want to invest more in someone who isn’t stable? Someone who has barely turned a profit on what they have already been given? We are so caught up in receiving a check that we forget to use those earnings to increase the return that God has invested in us!

Your debit card will reflect what you love and your devotions. It may tell us you are primarily devoted to yourself. If I went through your statements, would I find any sense that there is a world beyond you? A world that has needs beyond you? You may ask the Lord to bless you with more, but be prepared to show God your business plan! What are you working on? Why should God invest more in you when He can go across town and invest in someone who would give their last dollar to help someone else! Winning by yourself while your people suffer isn’t a victory. Giving God a 1% ROI makes you a bad investment. Be more mature spiritually than you are financially; GIVE then make room for more! What if everyone reading this gave away their gifts and blessings to the world for free? I wonder how would our community look then…back to reflecting and aligning for me! 🙏🏾

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