I was recently inspired by an investor of mine that doesn’t work and just travels the world, makes investments, and leaves drip in every city. 12 years ago he told me wealth isn’t about how much money you have, it told me something I will share with you: being rich is having lots of money, being wealthy is when you no longer have to work.


Said differently, when the money deposited into your account of the things you own is more than the money you spend to live each year. I see people with tons of money, but they have to keep working to pay bills (get at me if that’s the case, free game on how to reverse that). Then I see people with not a lot of money but that money is working so hard for them! Literally getting 20%, 40%, 80% returns each year while everyone else getting 2-6% returns because they are “conservative.” If you want to retire at some point you have to get mailbox money/passive income. If you are getting mailbox money how hard is that money working for you? Don’t let “I’m conservative” stop you from eating like these billionaires. Learn what they invest in. Ask them. What returns do they get on their money vs yours? Don’t work your whole life, save millions then spend those millions when you retire. Put it to work and you chill. Then pass it to your kids when you pass. Generational wealth is one generation away and it starts with YOU 💰✊🏾

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