I’ve been in finance since 2001 and don’t think I’ve ever seen someone come so far in financial literacy than I’ve seen @cappa23 come in the last 6 months! I can see how the work ethic that made her better than 99% of women who ever touched the ball and propelled her to over a decade of pro ball is being transferred to investing. Since @nbaalumni first brought her to a tech masterclass, she’s literally taken investing by storm! Look at her Instagram stories if you think I’m kidding. She’s been through the ringer with us, taking her from stocks 101 to how bonds work. From early-stage startups to her investing in Lyft with us! And most importantly from hiring other people to control her finances to her being the master of her own money. Couldn’t be more proud. And what makes this all the more fulfilling is she is literally one of the nicest people I know AND she from the crib! (Chi town). I want to do more with the @wnba bc of women like Cappie, @italeelucas and @asjhajchanging the game. Professional athletes, investors, leaders, and just dope people. Legends. 🙏🏾✊🏾💰🏀⛹🏽‍♀️🥇

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