I can tell when a retired athlete is going to double and triple their retirement money and when they will slowly watch it dwindle to zero. Case in point: A-Rod will quadruple his career savings over the next decade because he has everything he needs to do it!

Here is what he has:
1. Money saved
2. A strategy to grow his money (not just to live off income)
3. A full team of people with expertise and track record to execute this strategy. They work for him full time.
4. Access to top deals via relationships and partnerships.
5. Ambition, discipline, and process!

Don’t believe me see for yourself go to arodcorp.com and look for all these things in plain sight. He is providing a template for athletes who want to take their finances to the next level. In fact, he even offers his platform to others like him. I just wanted to profile leaders like this winning after retirement because we often hear about the ones that are not. I made a post about family offices and here is a perfect example of an athlete taking advantage of it. Any other athletes making money movies like A-Rod, MJ, Magic, and Lebron? Sound off.

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