I rarely do this but let me go back to Core for a second (Ive been hanging out with @albertsye To much 🤓) Especially after Dirty Lemon just raised $15m and Coca Cola led it. Guess who else was in that deal? Alex Rodriguez, former AOL CEO Tim Armstrong, and actress/entrepreneur Kate Hudson also participated in the funding round. A-Rod will be in the news next about making millions of Dirty Lemon in 2-3 years. Put it in your calendar. Other athlete should be getting in these fast growing brands! Early, growth and late stage. Diversify.

A lot of people only talk about the L’s athletes make in investments, but let me tell you why I think athletes are killing it in investing:

1) They are very competitive and like to win. After retiring they especially are looking for more ways to win, they’ve been winning their entire lives. The desire and drive doesn’t die after they retire. Investing can provide that trill and arena to win.

2) They have the ability to focus and execute better than 99.9% of the population. Look at the sports science behind shooting, playing professional sports and the level of focus it takes to constantly hit shots, run patterns, read offenses and defenses all in Nano seconds. Try hitting a 98 mph fastball over and over. It should be physically impossible. Investors miss most of the time but keep sharpening their skills and hopefully get it right 20-30% of the time.

3) They respond VERY WELL to coaching. I had coaches for everything working on wall street. They have coaches for everything their entire lives playing sports. Helping me improve on my weaknesses and dominate my strengths. Constantly.

When more athletes start applying the same principals that helped them beat 99.9% of others who play to the investing world I’m confident they will beat 99.9% of the people in the investment world! Hell I wish I had 20 former athletes in my team now! We would kill it.

I love consumer products and the combo of influence + capital. Culture Capital is what I called it 6 months ago. What consumer products companies do you guys think athletes should invest in next? What’s the next $400m exit?! #venturecapitalist #venturecapital #corewater #dirtylemon

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