I’d like to profile a Black founder in LA who many of you have never heard of but has raised more than $5m of seed capital! @parisben is the Founder or a Wizely finance. Before he made any revenue he has raised two seed rounds of over $5m to build his amazing #fintech company. Real G’s move in silence.

About Wizely: they are a Lending-As-A-Service company. They created an on-demand lending software platform for the modern bank. Founded by a 3x fintech entrepreneur, Wizely empowers regional banks to offer on-demand debt consolidation loans to their most qualified customers. Wizely gives regional banks the technology advantage to compete against marketplace lenders serving the $465B debt consolidation market. Lower rates and more savings for consumers; increased lending without increased risk for regional banks.
For those of you who don’t think you can do it look at this real-life example!

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