Will.I.AM is a tech founder. @iamwill is the founder and CEO of I.am+, they originally focused on headphones as a consumer electronics company but peep this: he raised $117 MILLION from Silicon Valley, employs 300 people, and pivoted to an artificial intelligence product (like Siri or Alexa) that can handle hundreds of thousands of customer service calls simultaneously.

He will make more money from this tech venture more than all of the money he ever made in music combined if he continues at this rate. Creatives have a huge advantage in 2018. Don’t limit yourself to music, or tech, find ways to express that creativity across different industries.

Think about the downside risk of him failing, must be overwhelming! Not if he is a believer. As a believer you may be falling but not fallen, we have to distinguish the two. Failure is when you stop trying. In God, there is no failure. He cannot fail, therefore there is nothing in Him can fail either.

We don’t have a vaccine for making mistakes and falling, what we have is an insurance policy against failing! Faith doesn’t keep you from getting sick or losing the house or car; it’s going to happen because this is life, you can’t avoid it. God catches you before you have fallen tho. He WILL catch you. Shout out to will.i.am such an inspiration for us! ✊🏾🙏🏾

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