A lot of people want to invest in startups but it’s tough. 90% of startups fail. Imagine investing your own money or people paying you to invest their money, and your first 9 investments fail and go out of business! Hopefully, #10 is Ring!
For founders, if you fail, fail fast and forward, and learn from it. ALMOST ALL new companies fail, 50% fail after 5 years and 70% after 10 years. While founders take it as a learning experience some investors take it as red flags unless you are much better from it. Here are the top reasons startups fail, TRY TO AVOID THESE MISTAKES!

1. The market doesn’t need/want your product
2. Ran out of cash
3. Not the right team
4. The competition was too strong
5. Pricing/cost issues
6. Product problems
7. Good product poor business model
8. Weak marketing
9. Ignored customer feedback/needs
10. Bad timing (before or too late)
11. Lose focus
12. Founders/investors not jiving
13. Pivot death trap

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