Having a vision is as important as putting in work. This day was very important to me, I spoke at @uncf_la fundraiser explaining to donors that an investment in UNCF has a multiplier for generations because guys like me who didn’t have the money will get educated then help educate and fund hundreds of others. What you don’t see in the picture is I envisioned myself this way in high school. Ask anyone I went to school with. I even visualized this tux, and all the details of my life and put it on a vision board 5 years prior to getting it (even the car 😉) which is the second pic in this post.

Every day for 4 years in high school I prayed for

1) Good grades so I can go to a good college

2) For knowledge and to learn how Finance works so I didn’t have to suffer financially anymore

3) For stability and financial freedom.

I only applied to @morehouse1867 and was the 1st to apply in October ‘96 for early admissions fall ‘97. I drove my ‘82 Mustang 714 miles to Atlanta from Chicago overnight to hand in my application. Accepted on the spot. Applied to over 100 scholarships, received 17 of them, even one for women only! (Black women’s lawyer association). My first investment was with my refund check in college. Then I joined the Investment club. Then I interned at Goldman and Morgan Stanley. The vision was void without works. Keep putting in work people. This has been a 25+ year process in finance for me that started with a vision and prayer. So when I see this pic I think of the 13-year-old me from the south side who was told I would never be anything. But God….🙏🏾

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