I’ve spent a lot of time with athletes and rappers the last 8 years investing in companies and trying to get influencers more ownership to generate passive income. And we’ve made a lot of money doing it. Not until the Beats deal with Dre and Lebron making a killing, 50 Cent with vitamin water and a few others did it start to become popular. Now investing in tech is the new whips and chains. But what I rarely see are actors investing. I have more producers as investors than actors.

#vindiesel, in my opinion, is changing the culture and made some HUGE moves while everyone was sleep years ago. HE TRADED AN ACTOR FEE IN ONE FILM FOR OWNERSHIP RIGHTS IN ANOTHER FILM. Instead of cash for Tokyo Drift, he traded ownership for Riddick. Then made a couple of movies and the secured his own funding. To make it better he even got the studio who traded him the ownership to invest back in it and distribute it later! Owning content is owning equity. I salute him for being a content investor and owning the movies he stars in. He’s also the producer for Fast & Furious so has ownership and gets a piece of the profit in addition to acting fees. He now makes 20-30x owning what he would have made just acting. The same model we teach our athletes and rappers, being done on the film side. Even more money on TV than it is in the film.

If the top actress in 2018 made $30m and the top actor made $24m what do you think the owners of the shows made? How can we get more actors to start owning more companies and content? Let me know your thoughts below.


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