How can you meet black VC’s you ask? The best way is TRACTION! We talk about deals all the time. We exchange deal flow all the time. Guys like Lindsay Lee at Authentic Ventures, a brilliant investor in this pic. Arlan Hamilton, straight hustler and game changer. Ask Denmark West about artificial intelligence and watch your mind get blown. Lol. Erik Moore is the man, Check out Base Ventures. He’s former Wallstreet bond geek like me. Marlon Nichols at Cross Culture and Charles Hudson at Precursor, all these investors started their own firms and put their own money and reputation on the line to invest in dope black startups. Let’s make their job easier by building amazing companies, doing the things I listed in my other posts (things to do before you raise money) and attending networking events like @cultureshiftlabs in SF and NY! When they win we all win. ✊🏾🙏🏾

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