#ThadYoung from the @pacers is Long Term Greedy. So many players are doing the work and winning but we only hear the bad stories. Guys like Thad are setting up their own Private Equity funds behind the scenes, developing strategies, sourcing the right team deals and structures. Thad Young epitomizes that thesis – he’s doing the work. Does due diligence, closing deals while in the middle of the playoffs, taking the time to learn. We need to celebrate the brothas out there changing the financial landscape for the families for generations to come. Some folks are tired of watching all the tech companies turn into billion dollar companies and not get a piece. We use them daily. Reach out to him if you are a player and know him.

@nbaalumniand @theculturecreators pushing the culture forward. #CultureCapital#kemetinstitute #indianapacers

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