If you are a founder you need to go to tech conferences. Period. I have a rule: invest a certain amount of money in my own development every year. You should do the same! I also grow my business from networking. If you are raising money, looking to learn how to build your business, need to find a co-founder or Engineer or just want to be around like-minded founders save your money and attend one of the many tech conferences out there available.

I’m speaking at @blackenterprise @techconnext conference coming soon and literally taking everything I know and pouring it into anyone in the audience. I personally go to conferences hear founders, VCs, and titans in the industry speak about trends and the industry. While there is tons of info available for free online some people respond better in person.

Create a list of things you need, review the agenda and go with a purpose. Keep your intros to 30 seconds or less and have a short “ask” or “offer” and make sure you hand out business cards. Research the people before you speak to them to maximize that moment. Remember your goal is to stay in touch, so while everyone else is asking for stuff maybe try offering something you think they may find valuable.

Ask below any questions about approaching cofounders, VCs or panelist at conferences!! Happy hunting

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