Robert F. Smith is the most significant thing to happen to African Americans in private equity in a long time. Not since Reginald Lewis’ “Why Should White Guys Have All The Fun” have I been so inspired and challenged. What he did was VERY simple in concept and almost impossible in practice: aggregate large amounts of capital, take the best practices from successful software companies, invest in companies and implement those best practices. He has done it so well that he now manages over $25bn, he’s worth $3.5bn and his funds have performed in the top 5% of all funds. He literally turns investors down because there is so much demand. But if you peel back the layers you will see there was a drive in him from high school when he cold-called Bell Labs for months to get an internship that they only offered to college juniors. He got it. He worked as an engineer then went to Goldman Sachs and learned finance, PE, and banking. Then he left to start his own firm Vista where he could take his engineering, finance and PE skills to the next level. I study people like this, hang their pictures in my office and try to find my own path off their stories.

Here are his 10 Rules for Success, hopefully, this helps some of you!
1. Develop your mind
2. Trust Yourself
3. Know your self worth
4. Act-On Your Intentions
5. Dream Big
6. Be Committed To Your Career
7. Fund Your Drive
8. Enjoy Figuring Things Out
9. Perfect Your Craft
10. Develop Grit

Go online and look at videos of him speak, study his investment strategy if you are an investor always find ways to invest at least $1000 per year in your own personal development. Counseling, coaching, continuing education, therapy, inspiration etc. He is just like us! We can do this. 🙏🏾✊🏾 #venturecapital #robertfsmith#vistaequitypartners

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