Here is what I’ve learned from watching some of the most successful people in our culture: They invest in their brand, believe in themselves & have “spiritual confidence,” in-spite of failures.

I’m a huge Puff fan, not bc of his wins but bc of his “inner-g” aka “energy.” As a believer, you can’t think life is evil AND maintain a belief that God is good. You have to link the characteristics of the creator to the created. Look at your household and you see characteristics of yourself (kids have your looks, temperament, your house fits your personality, etc). As a believer you may be falling but not fallen, we have to distinguish the two. Failure is when you stop trying. In God, there is no failure. He cannot fail therefore anything in Him can fail either.

We don’t have a vaccine for making mistakes and falling, what we have is an insurance policy against failing! Faith doesn’t keep you from getting sick or losing the house or car; it’s going to happen because this is life, you can’t avoid it. God catches you before you have fallen tho. He WILL catch you.

But what if….what if we didn’t have to convince Him to send “goodness” our way? What if he knew the desires of your heart, wanted them as much as you do, but YOU were the only one getting in the way to receive them? Then what would your prayers sound like? How will this change your actions? You’ve been praying, begging, worshipping, studying for 20-30yrs, it’s time to move from the basics and step your spiritual confidence up. You realize you have insurance against failure but that doesn’t mean you have a vaccine from falling.

You have to live in the smell you create. If you are stinking your house with worry, arguing, complaining & fear you have to live in that space.

Often we think there are some things too wonderful for us. That’s when we begin to settle. We settle for things we would have never accepted had we believed something good was in store for us. Make this your starting point for life, not the place you run to when life goes wrong.

Start here: His hand is always open. Start with abundance. Everyone in class starts with an A, you have to prove you are a dummy to fail this one. 🙏🏾

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