Kevin Durant is a venture capitalist. He hangs with VC’s (had a bday party at Ben Horowitz’s house), invests with them (co-invests with Ronald Conway a lot) and his manager is out there sourcing and vetting deals for him (Rich Kleiman). He’s made over 40 investments, with his own money. He goes to tech conferences and speaks on panels. His company is called Durant Company. This makes me proud and excited for the future of athletes and founders alike. It’s a win-win situation. The more VC’s the better. My goal is to get every NBA player who wants to invest in tech to start their own VC Fund, even if it’s with just 500k-1m. Imagine the possibilities! We still have to get black founders in front of these investors, because right now they are investing through their managers and co-investing with Silicon Valley, but trust me it’s starting to happen. If you know any athletes or entertainers tell them to start their own venture or private equity fund and partner with people who can help them.

Their brand + capital = amazing returns if used correctly!

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