@icowatchdog was started by @newsum, another black fintech founder in Los Angeles. If you are in the tech community in LA and don’t know show please connect. Over a decade ago he founded IPO Watchdog, which did a similar thing but for IPOs vs ICOs. A serial entrepreneur, a digital currency expert, and now helping millions of investors make better investment decisions in ICOs! Never seeks out the press, just does the work. Also backed by institutional VCs and raised more than a million dollars. ICO Watchdog (www.icowatchdog.com), the leading authority in the cryptocurrency market, announced the launch of two new products to its suite of news, analysis and verification tools.

TokenGrade is an audit service that allows token creators to submit their whitepaper plans and smart contract source code for inspection by ICO Watchdog’s team of crypto experts. ScamWatch is a chatbot feature that rewards ICO Watchdogs more than 50,000 community members for reporting fraudulent initial coin offerings (ICOs). Both products further ICO Watchdog’s mission of helping the cryptocurrency community make smarter decisions and legitimizing the space to venture capitalists, investors, and the average internet user. The new additions join the company’s existing products, a chatbot that notifies users of key cryptocurrency news and a premium analysis service that provides traders with in-depth insight into the latest tokens and trends. To date, ICO Watchdog has sent 9.8 million alerts since its October 2017 launch, and the company now sends 200,000 alerts daily.
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