While studying we reviewed John 5:2-8 when Jesus told the paralyzed man who was waiting for a healing for 38 years to “Get Up, pick up your mat and walk!” Not only do I want to share that scripture with everyone but I want to share my testimony. I grew up 8817 S. Princeton, Chicago, google it, the house isn’t there anymore because it was condemned. Reading that scripture in elementary school inspired me to get up and walk. Towards my future – no more excuses! Since then I’ve been trying to help others who want to start their business, raise money for it, invest in stocks, and save money for their kids. This picture is from 10 years ago in Chicago. When God wants to bless your future don’t start talking about the past. You can’t focus on what God is doing because you are focused on what some idiot has done. If you want to have a life you have to go out and get it. You have to GET A LIFE.

Here is the key to getting a life: You have to love where you are going more than you love where you have been.

Some of us sacrifice our future because we are so obsessed with our pasts. It’s moving time people! Pack up your sad story that you tell people to justify why you haven’t done anything with your life. Jesus said don’t tell me your sad story, get up! If your friends love you they will tell you to get up! It’s moving time. Not staying in depression, broke, loneliness another night time. Stop waiting for someone to come along and “give you a life.”

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