It’s very rare, unfortunately, that I can report we accomplished the double bottom-line on investments. But our investment in 2014 in General Assembly (series C, Maveron lead the round) has

1) Exited, they were acquired for $412m last week.

2) We created a scholarship back then where we funded black people who wanted to learn how to code while Microsoft and Google-funded senior citizens and women respectively.

This is why more black VC’s need to get funded and why more black founders need to learn how to code. Imagine if there were 20 Black VC’s that provided scholarships at General Assembly to help black founders with technical skills? My cousin @krissypooh2 just finished and had to take off work for 3 months to go full time to learn UX/UI. Imagine if more black founders could code. It would help them build dope products and not need to raise so much money to outsource it. Tech and entrepreneurship have the power to democratize wealth, anyone can build dope technology if they have the skills. Let’s build people! Secured the 💰 and 👨🏾‍💻 ! #venturecapital #technology#startups

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