@champagnepapi has more Instagram followers than Adidas, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, H&M and even the NBA, but how can he make the same type of money at them with that influence?

My top 5 ideas:

1. Take 5% of his followers and sell them one thing for $40 twice a year. Nine-figure paycheck every year if he does that.

2. Had he put $500k in Instagram he would have made $136m in 2 years alone.

3. He could have invested $250k in Robinhood it would be worth $125million today.

4. Done a million dollar marketing deal with Supreme when they started but took equity vs cash, would be worth over $100m now.

5. Only do revenue share deals for public companies like LV or only take equity deals for fast-growing consumer brands that are private and use his influence to make them international brands.

He literally had the influence to generate a billion dollars in sales every year, across multiple products. Hopefully, he takes advantage of it!

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