Took me 30 years to learn this and it’s one of the first things I tell my mentees about how to “manage their decision-making process.” WHO’S DRIVING THE CAR? When I was a boy, I made a lot of mistakes, over and over, and couldn’t figure out how to avoid the same mistakes. I realized after prayer, meditation, and counseling that I was making decisions based on

1) How I felt (emotions)
2) What I wanted physically (physical desires)
3) What I thought (intellect)
4) Then last and least, spiritually.

My feelings were volatile, kept leading me down the wrong path. My physical desires were shallow and not long-term greedy. My kind and payers kept bailing me out.

What separates a boy from a man is the order in which he makes his decisions. Imagine YOU are in a car and deciding the destination and path to go. Allow your spirit to drive, it will know the end in the beginning. Allow your mind to ride shotgun, co-piloting and bring cognitive not dogmatic. Allow your physical desires to be in the car but in the backseat. Input appreciated but not dictated. And of course, your emotions are there, but strapped in a car seat in the back making the ride great or miserable every 5 seconds! 👶🏽😭🤪😫

Don’t let the baby drive! Don’t let the physical desires determine the destination or the route. Protect them. Guide them. Shield them. Don’t make the mistakes I made, he leads S-M-P-E not EPMS. Now go be great.

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