We heard all the suggestions on how to prevent athletes and entertainers from losing all their money. @theculturecreators and @nbaalumni are stepping up and doing the work to not only play defense but also an offense.

Culture Capital masterclass on private equity and tech investing was a HUGE success in Atlanta! We created 10 new investors, helped 20 more develop strategies and are providing all the support needed for people to win. Packed room, NFL, NBA, Music, WNBA, and Hollywood Studio professionals all together to learn, build, network and disrupt the status quo! Rolling these or across the country for athletes and entertainers. For everyone else don’t worry we have something for you as well so stay tuned as you did for my last three classes we did (see previous posts).

If you want to be a part of the movement reach out to @nbaalumni or @theculturecreators if you are an athlete or entertainers. Otherwise hit me up! #culturecreators#nbalegends #kemetinstitute

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