Another black #fintech founder quietly doing the work. #BankJoy is an amazing company out of Y Combinator founded by Michael Duncan, who worked for years at a credit union himself, first as a programmer, then later promoted to manage the company’s online and mobile banking services.

While there, he realized that the architecture and developer tools the bank used could be improved, as well as the vendor relationships. For example, he tells us, the credit union didn’t know when its mobile banking service went down until one of its customers called in to report trouble. That motivated him to begin building out a product that would offer a better mobile banking service to banks like the credit union he used to work for, and in the future, other, smaller community banks, too.
Mike is based in Detroit, raised over a million dollars, and one day his company will be worth more than $100million. He is quietly doing the work, focused. There are so many Mike’s out there that need acknowledgment. Pls tag a black founder and let’s build and support each other. #blacktech #blackvc#venturecapital

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