Over the last 6 months I’ve spoken to over 100 people about what’s in their IRA or 401k and 90% of y’all have “conservative” allocations in things like bonds and cash. I’ve seen some people get returns of -1% the last year or two and others 2-3% over the last several years. They should have been getting 8-14% returns. Over 10-20 years you are leaving hundreds of thousands and possibly millions on the table if you invest like a 70-year-old when you’re actually 25.

For example, An investment of $10k on Apple’s initial public offering (IPO) date on Dec. 12, 1980, would have generated $5m if you still owned it today! Bonds? A super tiny fraction of that. If you are 10+ years away from retirement please make sure your retirement account is in mostly stocks! S&P500 mutual fund is easy enough. Been averaging 10% per annum for the last 100 years. No asset class has done better over the long term. Don’t just be a consumer, be an owner!!

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