“I took quarter-water, sold it in bottles for two bucks. Coca-Cola came and bought it for billions. What the ***!” (This Post is best received while listening to “I get money” by 50 cents). In May 2007, the Coca-Cola Company purchased Glaceau for $4.1 billion. While other rappers play the “boss” role well… 50 actually lives it. Right now, 50 cents got movies on Netflix, a film production company doing stuff like “Power,” Headphones, energy drink, had the Vitamin Water water exit for $100m, video games, and now Boxing Promotion.

Not everyone is meant to wear nice suits, hang with politicians and keep a clean image. This should be an inspiration to most of us NOT a knock on 50. The bankruptcy stuff you ask? Ask Trump, doesn’t stop rich people or mean they’re broke!
Here are a few 50 ventures that could make him his next $100m.

SK Energy: his 2nd attempt at making big bucks from the beverage industry. Styled after the popular 5 Hour Energy shots, SK is sold for those who need a small boost of caffeine in several fruit flavors.
SMS Audio: Following in the footsteps of Dr. Dre, 50 started this headphone brand in 2011, and ever since he’s been operating with almost the exact same marketing plan: put the product on a bevy of well-known stars in music and sports, and they’ll sell themselves.

Cheetah Vision – Aside from music, the hip-hop star has been fairly active in the acting world. While he has been featured in several films, including a notable role in boxing movie Southpaw, he is active behind the scenes. The rapper had two production companies—Cheetah & G-Unit Films, but he shuttered the latter deciding to focus on Cheetah Vision. Since then, the company has churned out over a dozen films. While none of them have been blockbusters, 50 Cent’s profile in the film world has been rising in the past few years, and interest in all things featuring him is still high.

Frigo: His G-Unit clothing line has made him a pretty penny over the years, but overall, fashion is not what 50 Cent has been known for. He’s now trying to change that, investing in Frigo, a new luxury underwear line that was created in partnership with Carmelo Anthony and Derek Jeter.

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