Ice Cube used to be Amerikkka’s most wanted. 50 Cent was a street thug that robbed other rappers. You don’t have to finish the way you began. If you don’t know Ray Lewis personally, forget the Hall of Famer and the business titan that just launched a $800m fund to invest in sports, media, and tech (legend52.com). I prefer to view people how they view themselves. Many of us live as if there is a “period” after this. Single. Broke. No job. Arrested. Defeated.

God didn’t put a period there and it’s not in line with what He told you. You have to be clear of what you are hoping for. Between hope and
fulfillment there may be a lot of time. Pain can’t be your motivation for the rest of your life! Trying to prove something, fear, all too much work. But what will and can drive you is you finally believe you deserve, been promised and that you’ve been destined to do certain things.
@raylewis believes in Romans 8:29, that he was predestined to do something.
That scripture says that God set the end before the beginning, then went back into the beginning and created you. After creating you He called you, after calling you he looked at you exactly the way you
are (maybe He needed to make slight tweaks) but justified the foundations of
who you are as worthy of this calling to achieve this goal he set for you before you were even created. He didn’t stop there, he glorified you, His creation.
So push through the pain, the public perception, the negativity, the haters and know you were created for a purpose! I love seeing founders who know their purpose and don’t let anyone distract them. There is room for faith and success.

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