I believe we can learn more from peoples’ mistakes than we can their victories sometimes. What lessons can founders learn from Kanye, who’s my favorite artist, fellow Chicagoan (#southside)? SEVERAL! Apart from having sold 21m records and winning 21 Grammys, he founded a record label, launched various fashion brands, directed several short films and did Tidal with Jay Z.

A while ago, he went on one of many long Twitter tirades where he announced to the world he was $53m in debt, asking in the same breath for a $1bn investment in his yet unannounced “ideas” from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Here is what you as a founder can learn from him

1. Don’t lose focus! Kanye is notorious for his lack of focus. He thinks of and starts dozens of things he doesn’t finish. His DONDA company concept was huge but lacked focus. A startup with 22 divisions?

2. You have to mind your finances! His tours were epic but he lost money every time. He was more concerned about the creative vision and not about the bottom line. You have to do both.

3. He took victory laps before the races started which caused a lot of people to root against him. How many folks y’all know getting press and speaking on panels but haven’t really done anything yet?

4. Arrogance…Kanye’s Hallmark.

I hate to see VC’s who are arrogant and founders who are arrogant. Look at what it did to this super talented brotha, it can do much worse for you. Startup investors are ultimately investing in people, I’ve seen so many great businesses fail because the founder lost the confidence of employees, investors, and the community. Word gets out.
This is why we must, as a people, help each other focus, support each other and stay humble. We do meet ups in LA to help founders connect and support but below if anyone wants to work with a founder and offer any service from the technical side to business development or legal services pls reply below. Let’s do this in honor of our brotha Kanye and learn from his mistakes. 🙏🏾✊🏾🗝💰

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