Coinbase founder to me “Rashaun, great meeting. We would be interested in speaking with artists/athletes in your portfolio about participating in our series D if there is interest from your side. I really like the idea of getting more people educated and interested in digital currency, so we can spread the benefits of this technology, and celebrities are a great way to do that. In particular, I’m passionate about the potential for digital currency to bring financial services to billions of people in the developing world. The round is essentially full/oversubscribed but I’d like to reserve about $** to get a handful of celebrities into the round, at about $*** each. What would be the most helpful as a next step?”

Now look at the next two pics I posted where one of the founders sent his playlist of the artist he likes that he wanted to work with and also what we did with Nas 4 years to help his fans get familiar with cryptocurrency using his influence. Influence is real people, this is a billion dollar company that is VERY SELECTIVE who they let in. Athletes and entertainers are in a great spot to build wealth by investing in great companies they can influence. I’m grateful some of my guys got in! This stuff happens every day. We’ve been in since 2014. Any of you following cryptocurrency? Any thoughts or questions? #mvpallstarfundiii

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