@carmeloanthony is the best NBA tech investor! #uoeno Period. No one even comes close. For four reasons:

1. He’s been doing it longer. I remember him investing out of his own fund 4+ years ago.

2. He has a strategy and sticks to it. Google Melo7 Tech Partners, he co-founded his VC firm in 2014.

3. He has invested in over 40 companies and already had over 10 exits. He has DIVERSIFICATION. The most important investment strategy. Any VC would be an Allstar with that investment to exit ratio.

4. He’s using his own money. It’s one thing to get equity for your name, another to turn $10m into $100m from smart investments! Hopefully, he’s doing both. I remember investing in companies he invested in like SeatGeek and Casper. Respect to my brother. Anyone think he should invest in them reply with your elevator pitch below, maybe he will see it!

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