All our lives we have been taught that in order to live “The Good Life” we need to make tons of money and have tons of people serving us. The good life is a matter of perspective, quality vs quantity. You don’t have to live to 80 to have a good life, it’s not in the length of days but the quality of the days. You shouldn’t aim to be wealthy but to make wealth a consequence of the goodness of your life. If pursuing the good life I accumulate wealth then good, but if I don’t then I don’t experience despair. There is a difference between success and greatness. Make that distinction in your relationships, family etc. Greatness is defined by impact; the nature or the quality of one’s impact on your life. If all of your impacts are superficial you could have been great, not successful. Had you struck the ground one more time you could have come up with a harvest that could have blessed many people. It’s the will of God that you exceed your own expectations and don’t settle for success, but rather greatness. You shouldn’t aim to be successful anymore, aim for greatness. 👌🏾♦️

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