If you would have put $25k into Spotify in 2008 it would be worth over $68 million right now! Think about that. 😱🤔 After billions in funding, growing its user base to 140 million with 70 million paying subscribers, where does Spotify’s valuation stand? $19 billion. Why did we invest (and help dozens of athletes/entertainers invest over the last 5 years) you ask? Lets take a deep dive into what you don’t know about them.

1) Leading pure-play subscription-based (not ad-based like Pandora) in streaming. Their Edge is a social edge, search, and discovery

2) 3 Billion of sales revenue for 2017…..plan was to be EBITDA positive in 2016

3) Biggest differentiators are library depth is similar, stickiness, churn, and ease of discovery separates them

4) Ease of discovery and stickiness

5) Spotify vs Pandora: Pandora realized it was not generating money, a Conversion rate of 25% for Spotify (during subscription model). Subscription model makes u miss out on advertising model. Ad-based/fee-based.

6. Also, Music labels are part owners of Spotify, so they have an incentive to push! DOZENS OF ATHLETES WILL MAKE 5-25million When they go public! I can’t name names but you guys can guess who 🤫😉 #mvpallstarfundiii

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