“I invest in startups that operate with sincerity and integrity and deliver a pure and uncompromised product…For me, investments are really important in terms of who are the other investors: what does their portfolio look like? Have they been successful?”

Ladies and Gentleman Serena has a better investment philosophy than 99% of the people I know! That last part is clutch, she Co-invests with people with a track record of winning. She is literally a winner and taking that mentality to a different arena: investing. For those of you who want to become investors do the same thing. Start investing with others who are winning. Even if it’s just $5k. I made my first investment at 22 years old with my mentors. Want to be a venture capitalist? Invest $250 in 4 companies and help them grow. Then track their performance, show others what you did and then ask others to back you to do more. Form a limited partnership and you are a VC! Don’t let anything stop you from winning.

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